Teamwork is the key to any successful organization. 

At Medical Billing Services we’ve assembled a rock-solid team of professionals, each with their individual areas of expertise.

While we assign a single representative to oversee your revenue cycle management activities, this individual is backed by a whole team of specialists that provide daily support on activities such as coding, compliance credentialing, claim submission, practice analytics, patient assistance and much more.


  • Medical Billing Services is a full service Medical Billing and Management Company
  • We have been in In operation since 1986 – OVER 30 YEARS!
  • Based in heartland; headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa
  • Our reputation is built on excellence and integrity
  • Serving over 25 different medical specialties


To provide clients with the most comprehensive, accurate and rewarding medical billing and management services available.

We will always act in a professional an legally compliant manner; treating all people equal.

We recognize that our clients and our employees are our greatest assets and they will always be treated as such.