Medical Billing

Well-planned systems result in tremendous success

At Medical Billing Services, our revenue cycle management process relies on the implementation of our proprietary SureCollect Claims Management System. 

For more than a decade, our SureCollect system has proven to improve cash flow and maximize payments for our clients.

The SureCollect Claims Management System

  • Delivers an integrated solution that successfully collects every dollar owed.  Every time.
  • Starts with an experienced, in-house staff, with a track record of billing accuracy.
  • Includes electronic claim filing to all payers at least 4 times per week – filing direct to all the largest payers.
  • Automates rigorous claim tracking and follow-up on claims.

Scope of Services

Collection Policies

We work with your practice to develop or revise a set of financial policies relating to co-pay collections, trigger-points for escalating collection efforts and write-off guidelines.

Fee Schedule Analysis

We conduct a fee schedule analysis and provide periodic revues.


Before starting to work for you, a thorough review of all coding and pricing for your practice is part of our standard operating procedure.  We are ICD-10 ready.  We also provide our clients with a wide range of coding resources customized to meet the needs of each client.

Claims Filing

Most claims are submitted electronically.  If required, we’ll send them on paper or on an itemized billing statement.  Routine claim filing is done four times per week.

Payer Payment Follow-up

We follow-up with payers on all denied claims to determine the cause of the denial.  When appropriate, we correct, appeal, and re-submit the claim.  We always follow up to ensure timely payment.

Payment Analysis

We spot check payments to ensure that they are in accordance with the managed care contact.

Patient Payment Follow-up

We generate patient statement and follow up on all unpaid balances.  Our staff triggers escalation of collection efforts according to your practices’ financial policies.  We process credit card payments and help establish payment plans if needed.

In-House Collections

Patients receive two statements and a final pre-collect notice.

Contracted Collection Agency

If there is no response to the statements and final pre-collect notice, the practice will determine if the patient should be sent to an outside collection agency or the balance should be written off.  Medical Billing Services has a long-standing relationship with one of the Midwest’s leading collection agencies.  If desired by the practice, Medical Billing Services will transition delinquent patient accounts with supporting documentation to the collection agency or attorney.

Payment Posting

All payments are logged into our accounting department and electronic documentation is immediately transmitted into our data imaging system for posting to patient accounts. We always reconcile daily receipts against payment log-in documentation and against payments posted to patient account balances.

Payer Mangement

We routinely work with payers on behalf of the practice to deal with issues related to denials, slow payments and incorrect payments.

Cash Management

We set up Electronic Funds Transfers between payer and client bank accounts.  As needed, we make deposits directly to your practices’ bank account.

Refund Processing

We implement refund processes to third party payers and patients.

Practice Analytics

Compressive reports are available at the end of every month.  All practices have different reporting requirements and so our service is customized to fit your needs.  Our highly skilled management team can help analyze your numbers for potential growth and practice improvement.

Provider Credentialing/Enrollment

Medical Billing Services will process insurance enrollment paperwork with all desired care plans.  We follow up with payers to expedite credentialing and maintain enrollment records as needed.