Get Started

Getting started is easy

Naturally, the process of converting your practices to our billing system will be as unique as your practice.  Every practice we work with has a different situation, so we adapt our services to meet your exact needs. 

We establish procedures and timelines that are specific to your current situation. 

Regardless of the services you end up choosing to implement, the full power of our SureCollect Claims Management System will quickly maximize your revenues.

The Fast Track to Success!

In most cases involving established practices, we can be up and billing for you within 3-6 weeks from your decision date.  Occasionally there are circumstances that will require more time. 

Regardless of the time required, we’ll work together as a team to assure a smooth, trouble-free transition. 

Here are a few steps in the process:

  • Examine insurance enrollment needs – process changes
  • License and create billing systems data set
  • Establish communication channels for charge documentation
  • Establish electronic claims filing channels
  • Conduct fee analysis
  • Assign billing staff – establish workflow and timelines
  • Provide training

You will always experience minimum disruption and maximum efficiency. Guaranteed!

Contact us today and set up a no obligation presentation of our services.

Please note: due to credentialing and enrollment constraints from the payers, if you are starting a brand new practice, the above time frames will not apply.  We will work hard to speed up the process and get your cash flow rolling as quickly as possible.