Our team knows that 100% regulatory compliance is a requirement. 

Billing regulations are always changing, so for Medical Billing Services, compliance matters are implemented and closely monitored throughout the company. 

For both Billing or HIPAA Compliance, our strict compliance to laws and billing regulations is indicative of our high ethical standards, ongoing customer satisfaction, and our position as a leader in medical billing.

Workforce Code of Conduct

  • Be honest and ethical; under no circumstances will information entrusted to an Medical Billing Services employee be used for illicit, unethical, or illegal purposes
  • Obey all federal and state laws and billing regulations
  • Perform all business activity with the highest degree of integrity
  • Every employee must be completely truthful and have supporting documentation to support any statement or claim
  • Under NO circumstances will any claim be submitted without having the information 100% verified and containing no errors
  • We are always on the lookout for prevention of possible fraud and abuse
  • We will always safeguard our clients’ patient’s private financial and personal health information from improper release and/or identity theft
  • Confidentiality related to our clients’ practices must always be protected
  • We will exercise sensitive professional and moral judgement in all business activities
  • It is always our goal to maintain objectivity and avoid any conflict of interest
  • We will continually strive to improve the quality and competence of services performed through continuing education

Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance and Billing Compliance programs are available to our clients, manuals and live training included.